Our Mission

ImagineMD’s mission is to develop a network of physicians who deliver world-class medical care with world-class customer service. Unfettered by time constraints, ImagineMD physicians care both for and about each of their patients as they would members of their own family.

ImagineMD’s physician’s goals are simple:

  • To provide medical care that keeps pace with best-practice clinical guidelines and the cutting edge of medical research
  • To provide the quality of customer service that our physicians would want for themselves

Because at ImagineMD each physician’s patient panel size is limited to 600 patients (compared to panel sizes of 2,500 – 4,000 in traditional fee-for-services practices), our physicians have significantly more time to spend with each patient and therefore come to know their patients far better than do physicians in traditional fee-for-service practice models. This enables ImagineMD physicians to:

  • Gather complete medical histories, perform thorough physical exams, think through challenging diagnostic dilemmas, and search the medical literature to find answers when answers aren’t immediately obvious
  • Explain their thinking clearly enough for patients to understand it precisely
  • Tailor their medical advice to each patient’s lifestyle and values