ImagineMD is a provider of near-site direct primary care medical services for employers of all sizes.

We locate our facilities close to a cluster of employers so employers too small to build an on-site facility can gain access to direct primary care services for its employees. Larger employers have found direct primary care provides more comprehensive and efficient care than onsite clinics. Improve health and reduce healthcare costs for you and your employees. Better morale. Healthier workers. Higher productivity. It’s advanced corporate wellness.

Studies show that when an employer adopts direct primary care into its health plan, downstream healthcare utilization—like ER visits, specialty referrals, imaging, and hospitalizations—goes down, resulting in better health for employees and significant cost savings for the health plan.

We’re proud supporters of the Health Rosetta movement. Health Rosetta is an open-source, ever-evolving framework for purchasing health benefits, sourced from the collective successes of employers around the country, large and small, rural and urban, public and private. Collectively, it’s an emerging model, yet its components are proven approaches that have been successfully used by employers for years. Employers who’ve adopted its components typically reduce spending by 20-40% while improving the quality of care for each plan member.