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Why the Practice of Medicine Must be Evidence-Based

10/29/18 – Figuring out what’s actually true is far harder than most people realize. Our brains are both hypothesis-generating machines and incredibly credulous. As a result, most of the things we believe…Read More

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How To Help People Grieve

2/22/15 – After a prolonged and debilitating illness, two weeks ago my father finally died. As a physician, I’ve observed many people experience loss, but this is the first time I’ve lost someone close…Read More

How To Tear Up The Good Guy Contract

11/2/14 – In a previous post, The Good Guy Contract, I wrote about the particular challenges faced by people dominated by their need to be liked by…Read More

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The Obstacle Is The Way

5/4/14 – What’s the worst problem you have right now? Have you lost your home? Your job?  Are you worried you might? Or are you facing a terrible illness? Long-time readers of…Read More

The Greatest Invention Of All Time

12/22/13 – The greatest invention of all time isn’t, as is sometimes argued, penicillin. Nor is it the computer. Nor is it running water, electricity,…Read More

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When Patients Refuse Their Doctors’ Advice

11/24/13 – In the North American hemisphere, flu season is fast approaching. Influenza, as most people know, is a serious respiratory infection that can be life-threatening in the very young, the very…Read More

Being Considerate Of Your Future Self

11/3/13 – The sense of self I feel and have always felt has seemed constant throughout my life, which is why I feel as if I even have a core self. But a moment’s…Read More