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Defining Best-in-Class Direct Primary Care

5/21/18 – Adopting direct primary care into an employer-sponsored health plan is a good way to provide better healthcare benefits at a lower cost. Studies show that direct primary care reduces downstream…Read More

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The Spread of Direct Primary Care

4/26/18 – Will direct primary care (DPC) ever become the standard model with which primary care is delivered in America? My answer to this question is a resounding yes! In fact, not…Read More

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ACOs Don’t Work

4/25/18 – With the arrival of the Affordable Care Act came the arrival of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), too. From the CMS website: “Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals,…Read More

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Direct Primary Care Being Offered by a Hospital System?

4/12/18 – I recently had an interesting conversation with a long-time benefit consultant that got me thinking about how many ways employers can be fooled when designing a healthcare benefit plan. Specifically,…Read More

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Our Progress Thus Far

10/26/17 – As the end of 2017 approaches I want to thank all our patients for being valued members of ImagineMD. It’s been an amazing year! I’ve been practicing medicine the way it was…Read More

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Humanity in Healthcare with Direct Primary Care

9/20/17 – Healthcare in the United States in 2017 feels uncomfortably like a factory running an assembly line, with patients as widgets moving slowly along the conveyor belt and often falling off…Read More

What 15 Minutes at Your Doctor’s Office Gets You Elsewhere

8/28/17 – Some tasks are long and tedious, like going to the DMV. But some tasks aren’t allotted as much time as they need. According to a report from the Annals of…Read More