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Vaccines are for Kids . . . and Adults

11/12/19 – We are reminded each year to get a flu shot, but we also need to stay up to date on other vaccinations to maintain good health. Vaccines can decrease our…Read More

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A Patient Asks: “Should I Get a Flu Shot?”

10/3/19 – Flu season is nearly upon us. Every year, doctors across the country implore their patients to get flu shots, and every year, some of those patients refuse. Their reasons vary:…Read More

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Is Red Meat Really Bad For You?

10/2/19 – Study after study has suggested an association between red meat consumption (especially processed red meat) and bad health outcomes like cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. But recently, an article…Read More

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School and Asthma . . . Both are Back in Session

8/20/19 – To me, as a mother of two young girls, September signals the end of summer and the beginning of school. But as a family medicine physician practicing direct primary care,…Read More

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Heat-Related Illnesses

7/17/19 – In my practice as a direct primary care physician, I have much more time to think about my patient’s medical needs and to provide a medical perspective on a variety…Read More

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A Patient Asks: “How Long Do Viral Respiratory Infections Last?”

7/14/19 – Every year beginning around September or October, the incidence of viral respiratory infections skyrockets. Symptoms typically begin with a stuffy or runny nose, congested sinuses, and/or a sore throat. Fevers…Read More

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Boating, Bikes, and Bugs—Summertime Fun and Safety

6/27/19 – Summer in Chicago is a short season, and many of us rush outside to enjoy it. People often think that summer safety is only about sunscreen and watching their kids…Read More