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Patient Care Outside the Exam Room

11/14/18 – What exactly does healthcare case management mean in direct primary care and specifically at ImagineMD? At ImagineMD, we recognize that as a busy executive, mother, engineer, factory worker, attorney, graduate…Read More

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Why the Practice of Medicine Must be Evidence-Based

10/29/18 – Figuring out what’s actually true is far harder than most people realize. Our brains are both hypothesis-generating machines and incredibly credulous. As a result, most of the things we believe…Read More

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In the News: Aspirin Doesn’t Prevent Heart Attacks

10/21/18 – Though an aspirin a day has long been touted as a way to reduce the risk of heart attacks, a recent study argues that daily aspirin intake not only doesn’t…Read More

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A Patient Asks: “Don’t I Need an MRI to Diagnose My Low Back Pain?”

10/21/18 – The answer is: almost certainly not. Up to 84 percent of adults develop low back pain at some time in their lives. For most, the back pain is musculoskeletal in…Read More

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ImagineMD’s Total Healthcare Solution

10/21/18 – Healthcare without insurance We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the ImagineMD Total Healthcare Solution! Many of you have told us you’re paying too much for health insurance that you…Read More

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Space Matters, Especially in Healthcare

8/2/18 – Steve Jobs knew a lot of things before anyone else did. And some of the most important things he knew had nothing to do with technology. In fact, one of…Read More

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In the News: Vitamins Don’t Prevent Heart Disease

7/14/18 – People often feel quite strongly about taking vitamin supplements, thinking they do everything from decreasing the risk of cancer to decreasing the risk of heart disease. But a recent study…Read More