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Space Matters, Especially in Healthcare

8/2/18 – Steve Jobs knew a lot of things before anyone else did. And some of the most important things he knew had nothing to do with technology. In fact, one of…Read More

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In the News: Vitamins Don’t Prevent Heart Disease

7/14/18 – People often feel quite strongly about taking vitamin supplements, thinking they do everything from decreasing the risk of cancer to decreasing the risk of heart disease. But a recent study…Read More

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A Patient Asks: “Does Your Metabolism Slow Down with Age?”

7/14/18 – Common wisdom holds that as we age our metabolism slows down, and that this slowing accounts for the increased propensity we have to gain fat in middle and old age….Read More

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Tumeric (Curcumin) for Improving Memory and Possibly Preventing Dementia

7/14/18 – A recent study argues that a particular form of highly-absorbable tumeric improves memory in non-demented middle-aged adults and may even prevent the development of dementia. Curcumin is an Indian herb…Read More

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Cause for Concern

7/3/18 – Perhaps you’ve seen the reports—or the incredulous editorials—addressing what little time doctors spend with their patients. Though they serve as the foremost authorities on our health, doctors spend mere minutes…Read More

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Tech Ailments in America

1/8/18 – Technology Continues to Rack Our Bodies Just what tech-induced ailments do we suffer from, and how do we describe them? To answer this question, we conducted an extensive analysis of…Read More

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In the News: A New Shingles Vaccine

10/26/17 – Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, results from reactivation of a virus that lays dormant in the dorsal root nerve ganglia of the spinal cord of patients who had chickenpox earlier…Read More